The Darkening


  1. The Darkening  2007The Darkening (instr.)
    7:06 Lövby/Husberg/Svennberg/Bergström/Ekestubbe
  2. End of my World
    8:17 Svennberg/Husberg/Ekestubbe/Lindgren
  3. Out Here
    5:20 Bergström/Husberg/Lindgren
  4. Free – Not Bound
    6:06 Husberg/Lövby/Ekestubbe/Lindgren
  5. Journey to the Unknown
    5:26 Lövby/Husberg/Svennberg/Lindgren/Ekestubbe
  6. Utopia
    7:00 Husberg/Ekestubbe/Lindgren
  7. Humanity Cry
    4:28 Bergström/Husberg/Svennberg/Lindgren/Ekestubbe
  8. Out There
    6:32 Bergström/Husberg/Lindgren
  9. Follow My Star
    5:44 Svennberg/Husberg/Ekestubbe/Lindgren
  10. Crazy
    6:09 Lövby/Husberg

Recorded and mixed at pm Studio – Jönköping, Sweden 2003-2006
Vocals recorded by Stefan Lindgren at The Closet studio – Göteborg, Sweden.
Produced and arranged by Philip Husberg, co-arranged by Stefan Lindgren

Jonas Ekestubbe: acoustic and electric guitars on all songs
Philip Husberg: bass, keys and drum progr.
Stefan Lindgren: vocals
Tom Lövby: guitars on ’Out There’, ’The Darkening’ and ’Journey to the Unknown’
Martin Svennberg: keys and drum progr.
Additional vocals by Anna Mia Bonde, lead on ’Utopia’
Narration by Mary Ann Howard

© 2006 pROmEMORIA – all rights reserved

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