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Music released thru Google Play


With an estimated over 800 million active Android devices by the end of 2013, Google Play™ is a major player in the digital space.
Our current releases will be delivered there on the 7th October.

Free and full download of CD


tasteofpmTo all of our fans that like us appreciate the idea that the concept of an album is more than just the sum of its songs, we now offer the constantly changing compilation album ”A taste of…” free for download.

The zip-file contains a full quality CD-image of the album and graphics.

Click here to get your copy!

Both albums up on Spotify

Both pm albums are now available thru Spotify:
pm2001  The Darkening  rem 2010

Promemoria on Spotify


spotify-logo-primary-vertical-dark-background-rgbFinally Promemoria has been released thru Spotify.